Site Preparation

We also provide a variety of services for site preparation, including drilling location facilities and infrastructure. Preparation of the well location will determine the success of the drilling process. Our team strives to maintain a balance between the environmental management process and the terms, conditions and contract specifications that have been agreed upon, our equipment includes site preparation, drilling location driveaway access construction, Cut and Fill work, balong (water pool) construction, flare-hole construction and work. other constructions.

Every aspect of oil production, from exploration to consumption, has the potential to cause severe damage to local communities and the environment. Understanding local practices is key to winning the hearts and minds of stakeholders as well as communities, and the LJS field service team has extensive experience in community relations, leveraging a tailored community relations approach, proven in Java, Papua and currently Sumatra and Kalimantan. Opportunities, where practical and feasible, will be established specifically for local companies, to provide equitable services while at the same time maintaining quality of work through assessing project complexity, cost and work output as consideration in project delivery.


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