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Our company also specializes in the supply of heavy equipment and material needs that are urgent and critical for drilling and exploration, from the time drilling activities start to finish. The social and environmental costs of oil production can be enormous. Our professional team is fully committed to maintaining positive and communicative stakeholder relationships. We also carry out activities with professional integrity, balancing the need for energy supply with environmental sustainability. Our field-proven methods and approaches are sensitive to constraints on society, minimizing the risk of social problems.


Jl. Rungkut Industri Raya No. 1 Ruko Section One Blok A-15 Surabaya
(031) 99846911


Jl. Mojorejo KM. 39 (Surabaya - Malang) Gempol, Pasuruan
Phone :+62 343 852993
Fax +62 343 852 785
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